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Tips for Visiting Disney Parks with Young Children

Visiting a Disney park is a magical experience for people of all ages, but it can be particularly special when you have young children in tow. Seeing their faces light up with joy as they encounter beloved characters, experience thrilling rides, and immerse themselves in enchanting worlds is truly unforgettable. However, navigating the parks with little ones can also present its own set of challenges. To help ensure a smooth and memorable trip, we’ve compiled a list of valuable tips for visiting Disney parks with young children.

Plan and Prepare Ahead:

Before embarking on your Disney adventure, proper planning is crucial. Research the park you’ll be visiting, its attractions, and entertainment options suitable for young children. Create a flexible itinerary to help you make the most of your time while accommodating your child’s needs. Familiarize yourself with height restrictions and accessibility information for rides and attractions to avoid disappointment.

Pack Essentials:

Make a checklist of essential items to bring along for a day at the Disney park. These may include sunscreen, hats, comfortable shoes, rain ponchos, snacks, water bottles, and a stroller. Having a stroller can be a lifesaver for tired little legs and can also serve as a place for them to rest or nap during the day.

Take Advantage of Child-Centered Services:

Disney parks offer numerous child-centered services to enhance your visit. Utilize the Baby Care Centers available in each park, equipped with private nursing rooms, changing tables, and feeding areas. These centers provide a calm and comfortable space for you to attend to your child’s needs.

Use FastPass+ and Rider Switch:

To minimize waiting times for attractions, take advantage of Disney’s FastPass+ system. It allows you to reserve access to select rides, shows, and character meet-and-greets in advance. Additionally, if you have children of different height requirements or one child who isn’t interested in a particular ride, take advantage of the Rider Switch program. This allows one parent to wait with the child while the other enjoys the ride, and then they can switch without having to wait in line again.

Take Breaks and Pace Yourself:

Disney parks can be overwhelming, especially for young children. Take regular breaks throughout the day to rest, eat, and recharge. Find quiet areas or shaded spots where you can escape the crowds and let your child unwind. Don’t feel the need to rush through every attraction—pace yourself and allow for spontaneous moments of discovery and enjoyment.

Character Interactions:

Meeting Disney characters is often a highlight for young children. Check the park’s schedule for character meet-and-greet locations and plan your day accordingly. To avoid long queues, consider character dining experiences or character breakfasts offered at select restaurants. Additionally, these provide a more intimate setting and allow for quality interaction with beloved characters.

Capture the Memories:

Document your Disney adventure by taking plenty of photos and videos. Also, you can purchase Disney’s Memory Maker package, which allows you to download all professional photos taken by Disney photographers throughout the park. Alternatively, bring your own camera or smartphone and create lasting memories of your child’s excitement and joy.


In sum, visiting Disney parks with young children can be an amazing experience, filled with magical moments and cherished memories. Also, by planning ahead, packing wisely, utilizing child-centered services, and embracing a flexible approach, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip for your family. Remember to take breaks, capture the special moments, and most importantly, savor the wonder and enchantment of Disney through your child’s eyes.

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